TidBits: screen shots

Here are some screen shots that highlight some of the features of TidBits.

TidBits Home Search for tidbits
TidBits Home: This is what you see when you log into TidBits: a listing of all your tidbits of information. Search for tidbits: TidBits is built for searching. To quickly locate tidbits use the simple search form.
Add a TidBit Type Edit a tidbit
Edit a tidbit: Creating or changing tidbits is easy. Each tidbit has a type, a name, and a tidbit of information (data). They can have an optional comment, too. TidBits Types: Each tidbit of information is categorized as a type. You define what the types are, for example Password or Username.
Import CSV data
Import CSV: You can import CSV data, i.e. to import data from a spreadsheet or database program.
TidBits viewed on a Palm device TidBits viewed on an iPhone device
Mobile device support: TidBits includes special support for mobile smart devices (such as the Palm Treo and iPhone). TidBits detects these devices and returns optimized HTML for faster access. This means it is very easy to access your TidBits database from virtually anywhere, which can come in handy if you're on the move. iPhone device support: TidBits works great on an iPhone.
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